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Pure Linen Fan Model Mini Paros

Mini fans are a perfect fusion of functionality and elegance on a small scale. Their compact charm not only makes them practical accessories, but also adds a touch of grace to any occasion.

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Freshness and design fused in a mini fan. These mini fans are functional little gems that fuse elegance and practicality in a small accessory. Despite their small size, these charming fans manage to display a world of detail and style. Their compact design makes them ideal companions for hot days, social events or simply as a touch of refinemen

Their functionality is not compromised by their small size; in fact, their size adds to their charm. Mini fans can be easily stored in an evening bag, pocket or even in the palm of your hand, ready to be deployed at a moment's notice, they are a sophisticated answer to high temperatures, providing quick relief with a touch of style. Mini fans are more than mere instruments to combat the heat; they are expressions of good taste and distinction.

Features :

Danta wood sticks.

  • Natural fabrics 100% high quality linen.
  • Leather bracelet to hang on the wrist.
  • Comes with bag cover in 100% linen or cotton.
  • Presented in a white matchbox with soft touch matt finish.
  • Measures closed fan: 20,5 x 1,7 cm



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